Schools in Australia is a free service for parents and students from overseas. If you are interested in going to school in Australia – you are in the right place!

Our Registered International Student Center is designed to help you succeed with your school application. There are many schools which take international students and we are able to offer you courses of your interest in all Australian locations.

Our Australian school agents can help you to find the right school and to get prepared for all types of Australian education pathways. Stick with us to learn in Australia!

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International students are welcome to learn at schools in Australia

Our team helps students and parents to select schools everywhere is Australia, uniquely located in popular destinations such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropics Rainforests, great beaches ...

  • With a full range of educational and recreational opportunities available many students are choosing to study away from the pollution and noise of the industrialised world in this relaxed and friendly tropical paradise.
  • Australian Schools offer first class education and have long established traditions. Australia is a great and safe place to study abroad.
  • Australian Schools offers students a comprehensive study experience and a gateway to a successful future in one of the world's most spectacular environments.
  • Australian School's high quality courses caters for students who may wish to enter University or TAFE. All the courses are taught by top professionals in the field.
  • By contacting us you are ensuring that you will have all the facts to help you make an decision regarding your Australian school opportunities.

Australia now has students from over 140 countries around the world. International Students are enrolled in all kind of courses.

  • Government schools make up the largest sector of secondary education in Australia and provide high quality for everyone. 
  • Private schools are Catholic or Independent.
  • Catholic schools are the next largest sector after government schools and are sometimes even for those not of the Catholic faith. Most Catholic schools belong to a system like government schools to provide Catholic education across the states through coeducation (both boys and girls) schools and have low fees. There are also some independent Catholic schools, often single-sex, usually run by established religious orders, ranging from low to high school fees.
  • Independent schools are are non-government institutions, expensive schools with boarding facilities. 
  • Australia’s boarding schools provide a home away from home with close attention to the individual needs of students.
  • In homestay, students board with a local family and have the rare opportunity to live family life the Australian way!